WINNERS’ LIST: Celebrating excellence in WSLHD’s mental health nursing for International Nurses Day

Amidst an atmosphere buzzing with excitement and camaraderie, the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) Mental Health International Nurses Day Award Ceremony was held, recognising the exceptional contributions of nurses within the field.

From heartfelt speeches to the honouring of outstanding individuals, the event encapsulated the dedication and compassion that defines the nursing profession.

Staff eagerly filled the room, both in person and online, as they waited to join the celebration of themselves and their peers.

WSLHD Director of Nursing for Mental Health Juanita Taylor took to the stage to welcome everyone, setting the tone for a morning of appreciation and reflection with a significant Acknowledgment of Country, as well as an acknowledgement of individuals with lived experiences of mental health.

Reflecting on the significance of International Nurses Day, Juanita Taylor highlighted the vocation-driven nature of nursing, emphasising that many enter the profession out of a genuine desire to make a difference.

“One of the things that I think is important during this time is reflecting on why we became nurses in the first place. For most of us, it was a vocation,” Juanita said.

WSLHD Executive Director of Nursing Maria Lingam, echoed Juanita’s sentiments, expressing gratitude to the nursing community for their unwavering dedication and selflessness.

International Nurses Day is on Sunday, but we’re taking the week to say a massive thank you guys. We want to highlight how important and how valued you are, and how incredibly appreciative we are for everything that you do.

Maria Lingam, Director of Nursing.

The annual celebration pays tribute to the nursing staff, with the district celebrating with awards to recognise those who have shown excellence in various categories.

Here are the winners:

Healing Heart Award 2024 – Colleague Nominated

Winner: Maninder (Money) Sharma

Healing Heart Award 2024 – Consumer Nominated

Winner: Sara Dharmakumar

Nurse of the Year Award 2024

Winner: Jennifer Drummond

Judith Meppem Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Loris Crunial

Nursing & Midwifery Leadership Award

Winner: Enoch Nathaniel

New to Practice Nurse of the Year Award 2024

Winner: Trishala Singh

Team of the Year Award 2024

Winner: Riverview

“It’s really nice that we’re celebrating our award winners, but it’s also important to highlight that you all do an amazing job every single day coming to work,” Juanita said.

“Your dedication is why you keep coming back time and time again. And we really do appreciate that, as do our consumers.

When I go out and talk to people, and have conversations with our staff and consumers, I can see how much they appreciate your support.