WSLHD Nurses trade scrubs for team colours in competitive ‘Unity Games’ event

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) recently held its inaugural ‘Unity Games’, a mini-Olympics event held as part of the Nursing and Midwifery Week celebrations.

Nurses and midwives from various corners of the district traded their scrubs for vibrant team colours, as the competition heated up with a range of events including Tug of War, Trivia, Relay, and Velcro Soccer Darts.

In a thrilling display of skill and teamwork, teams representing different healthcare facilities battled it out for top honours.

The teams participating in the Unity Games represented various healthcare facilities across the district, including Auburn Hospital (purple), Westmead Hospital (red), Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals (pink), Integrated Community Health (yellow), Mental Health Services (green), Drug Health Services (orange), Research and Education (blue), and District Nursing and Midwifery (black).

The WECC space at Westmead Hospital came alive as the teams cheered each other on and celebrated their wins.

The festivities were further elevated with a sausage sizzle, cooked by none other than some of WSLHD’s esteemed district executives.

WSLHD Chief Executive Graeme Loy, alongside WSHD Director of Aboriginal Health Strategy Belinda Cashman, WSLHD Director of Finance Ross Sinclair and WSLHD Director of Redevelopment and Infrastructure Matt Sydenham, donned their aprons to ensure everyone ended the night satiated.

The spirited competition, initially planned for Cumberland Hospital Sports Oval, seamlessly transitioned indoors to the Westmead Hospital WECC space due to wet weather.

However, even with the change of setting, the energy and excitement were high.

WSLHD Director of Nursing and Midwifery Maria Lingam expressed her joy and pride in seeing the Unity Games come to fruition.

To see everybody just having the best time cheering on their teams, that whole ‘athletics carnival’ feel, it’s just priceless. It warms the heart.

Director of Nursing for Mental Health Juanita Taylor emphasised the importance of such activities in promoting mental well-being and team bonding.

“It’s really nice just to have a bit of fun, out of uniform, doing something a little bit silly, because it helps our health and wellbeing.”

The evening wrapped up with the presentation of awards, with the Drug Health, Mental Health, and Auburn Hospital teams in a tie for the second position.

However, it was the Integrated Community Health team that snatched up the coveted title of winners.

Nicole Grice, Director of People and Culture for WSLHD, emphasised the importance of events like the Unity Games in fostering camaraderie and alleviating the pressures of demanding professions.

“They’ve had fun, they’ve had a laugh, and they’ve taken some time out from the high-pressure jobs that they do. This is what it’s all about.”