Interactive ‘Dietitians Week’ stall at Blacktown Hospital highlights research on nutrition and mental health

The Dietetics team of Blacktown Hospital has hosted an interactive stall to promote the crucial role Clinical Dieticians play within the healthcare system across western Sydney.

Dietitians Week is held in April each year and this year’s theme focused on raising awareness for the growing field of research around nutrition and mental health.

In honour of this, the smiling faces of Blacktown Hospital put together a stall that was decorated with colourful balloons and provided an engaging experience for visitors.

Complimentary red and green apples and printed materials on healthy eating habits were offered, as well as tailored dietary advice for individuals managing diabetes.

Visitors were also directed to informative videos and documents online which addressed issues around the intersection of diabetes with areas of mental health, such as anxiety and depression.

Blacktown Hospital Diabetes Education Centre Clinical Dietitian Bhavani Sivabalan highlighted the importance of raising the profile of the multidisciplinary work that dietitians do, saying: “Clinical Dieticians make a valuable contribution to all different areas of healthcare. Roles vary depending on the clinical are and multidisciplinary teams that we work within”.

We wanted fellow staff and the visiting public to have an opportunity to stop by and ‘say hello’ to a dietician and find out more about what we do.

Bhavani Sivabalan

Clinical Dietitians provide diverse contributions across multiple areas within health, such as dialysis and renal care, mental health, neonatal care, intensive care, cardiology and cancer care.

This initiative by the dedicated Dietetics Team of Blacktown Hospital showcased the enthusiasm western Sydney staff have for making a difference to patients and the community alike and highlighted the pivotal role nutrition plays in mental health.

Find out more on research into the intersection between nutrition and mental health with the following link