The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre at Westmead Hospital hosts international cancer research expert

The Radiation Oncology Network at Westmead Hospital’s Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre (CPMCC) has recently welcomed an esteemed international guest for a research visit, with Professor Fei Fie Liu joining the team for a collaborative learning opportunity.

Prof Liu is a leading clinician-scientist in Canada, running her own radiation biology laboratory at Princess Margaret Hospital. She also currently holds the title of scientific Director for the Canadian Institute of Cancer Research.

The Canadian and Australian healthcare systems have many similarities and challenges. Learning how the Canadian healthcare system meets these challenges can inform Australian and local practices.

Verity Ahern

Radiation and medical oncologists, radiation therapists, medical physicists and members of the Translational Radiation Biology Research team at the Westmead Hospital CPMCC were honoured to listen as Prof Liu presented a talk about the Canadian healthcare system.

The talk focused on strategic planning, research priority areas such as translational radiation biology and the transformation of cancer research through data strategy and advanced analytics.

Our groups share an interest in translational radiation biology, and both have a vision to establish national hybrid particle therapy facilities with both carbon ion and proton beam therapy in our precincts.

Verity Ahern

The team at CMPCC told The Pulse a highlight of the visit was learning about the consultation process that was undertaken to develop the strategic plan for the Institute of Cancer Research.

The Radiation Oncology Network is developing its 10-year strategic plan including research and the consultation with Prof Liu has led to an expansion of the consultation process, making it more inclusive.

Verity Ahern

Following her educative talk, the team at CMPCC were proud to take Prof Liu on a tour of the WSLHD Radiation Oncology Network Translational Radiation Biology Laboratory, where she got to meet the dedicated laboratory team. 

The CMPCC is a leader in establishing multidisciplinary teams for improving patient care and occasions such as this visit by Prof Liu are an important opportunity to exchange ideas and establish connections.