‘In the hands of experts’: Blacktown Hospital introduces new elective bronchoscopy procedure

Blacktown Hospital has introduced a new service to the western Sydney community with the first elective bronchoscopy procedure performed recently at the hospital.

A bronchoscopy is a day-only procedure that enables clinicians to look directly into the airways of the lungs and take samples of lung tissue (also known as ‘biopsies’).

It involves a thin, lighted, flexible tube being inserted through the nose or mouth of the patient which looks into the airways for infections, tumours or other abnormalities.

This procedure is suitable for patients with suspected cancer or infections such as Tuberculosis.

The recently developed Endoscopy Suite at Blacktown Hospital is home to the new procedure and was part of Stage 2 of the $700 million Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals Expansion Project.

Head of Department Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals (BMDH) Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Dr Mohan Nagarajah said the service was established at Blacktown Hospital to cater to the local community due to increased demand for the service across WSLHD, with a further increase in demand expected after the commencement of the National Lung Cancer screening program in 2025.

I’m delighted that we can now offer this procedure to the communities who live in the Blacktown LGA, closer to home

Dr Mohan Nagarajah

“We are grateful for the support of our colleagues in the Department of Gastroenterology and the Department of Anaesthestics who have worked closely with us to open and operate this service” Mohan said.

The Pulse spoke with first patient Stephen Pothof who was cool, calm and collected when told he was the first patient to undergo this procedure.

“I had no problem putting my life in the hands of these experts – it needed to be done,” Stephen said.

It was handy having this service so conveniently close to home and everything went well

Stephen Pothof

For further information about the clinic, please call 8670 5736.