Meet Mount Druitt Hospital volunteers Dulcie and Jan, who have 100 years of service between them

Mount Druitt Hospital has marked National Volunteers Week with a ceremony to honour the substantial commitment of the dedicated volunteers to the hospital and its community.

Mount Druitt Hospital volunteers’ contributions span from wayfinding to fundraising for services and equipment.

Just recently, the kiosk volunteers were responsible for the donation of a $60,000 machine to the surgery department to assist with treatment of certain nerve issues in the neck.

The ceremony was also an opportunity to honour the ongoing service of Mount Druitt Hospital’s volunteers, with particular acknowledgements of:

  • 5 years – Florence Singh
  • 5 Years – Christina Davis
  • 10 years – June Burnard
  • 10 years – Mila Holzmann
  • 15 years – Sam Samli
  • 15 years – John Vella
  • 25 Years – Loy Antao
  • 25 years – Meryl Austin
  • 50 Years – Jan Graham
  • 50 years – Dulcie Harrison

“It’s really such a big honor to be able to just simply say thank you to all,” Mount Druitt Hospital Acting Deputy Director of Nursing David Glastonbury said.

“For those who haven’t been able to attend today, if you could pass on, on behalf of the Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospital executive, a big ‘thank you’ for everything that you do and the significant contribution you make each time you come in.”

For Dulcie Harrison and Jan Graham, this is a particularly special celebration, with the pair marking 50 years of service each as volunteers this year.

“For both of you, this 50-year milestone is remarkable,” Mount Druitt Hospital Acting Director of Nursing David Glastonbury said.

“And it’s a testament to your commitment to Mount Druitt Hospital and to your character to really want to make the community such a better place through your contribution.”