First endoscopic ultrasound performed at Blacktown Hospital in milestone procedure

Blacktown Hospital has performed its first endoscopic ultrasound in the hospital’s B21 Endoscopy Unit.

The highly specialised procedure involves an ultrasound assessment via an endoscope which is performed through an orifice (mouth or anus) to obtain a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of cancer or an abnormality.

Endoscopy Suite (B21) Nurse Unit Manager Meera Patel said this enhancement to their service is part of the departments staged expansion into more complex procedures performed at Blacktown Hospital.

“Patients no longer travel to Westmead Hospital for this procedure as they can now have this quick and efficient service at Blacktown Hospital,” Meera said.

“We currently provide this procedure monthly and will increase the frequency in line with the growth of our service.

“We have the latest and advanced technology to assist our experts to detect and diagnose faster, therefore giving our patients an accurate diagnosis with prompt and timely care.”

Blacktown Endoscopy Fellow Dr Kieran Longley said the procedure is much safer and easier for the patient.

“We use a special camera device with an ultrasound probe that allows us to get close to the abdominal structure,” Kieran said.

“We can now view abnormalities within millimetres inside the pancreas, bile duct or liver using high-definition images as well as take biopsies for further testing.

“This advanced endoscopy procedure is not performed at many hospitals and it’s great that we can now offer this service at Blacktown Hospital.”

Patient Shyama Liyanage was happy to be told she was the first patient to have this procedure performed at Blacktown Hospital.

“I feel great and didn’t feel anything,” Shyama said.

“The staff were great, and I appreciate them for looking after me so well.”

For further information please visit your local GP.