Irina Kou celebrates her 80th birthday and two-decade career at WSLHD with her Auburn Hospital family

Auburn Hospital has gathered in honour of General Services Team member Irina Kou, as she celebrated her milestone 80th birthday and reaches an impressive 21 years of dedicated service to Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).

At 80- years young, Irina’s colleagues recognised her infectious smile, tireless work ethic and unwavering dedication to her team and patients.

Her commitment to Auburn Hospital was recognised by General Manager, Auburn Hospital Amanda Green, General Services Manager Carlos Rene Chavez, After-Hours Nurse Manager Kristina Roberts and the dedicated team.

For 21 years Irina has come to work at Auburn Hospital with a smile on her face, enthusiastic about her work, her team and what they mean to their workplace and their community.

Carlos Rene Chavez

Born in Russia, Irina came to Australia in 1986 as a computer programmer, her journey in healthcare began in the kitchen of the Royal North Shore Hospital, where she spent 14 years before taking on her role in General Services at Auburn Hospital.

Since then, Irina has been a cornerstone of the hospital’s operations, spreading joy and dedication in every task she undertakes.

“Irina is a much loved and much valued member of the Auburn Hospital family because of her impeccable work ethic, her wonderful sense of fun and her dedication to her team, to her hospital and to her community we are all the richer for having Irina in our lives,” Carlos said.

As a founding member of the multi- award-winning Auburn Hospital Recycle Team, Irina has always gone above and beyond to help her colleagues, her patients and the entire western Sydney community. 

Her genuine love for work, her colleagues, and the broader western Sydney community shines through every interaction, making Irina a beloved figure within Auburn Hospital.

I love working at Auburn with all these people

Irina Kou

Irina’s 80th birthday celebration was a testament to to the depth of talent and dedication of staff within the Auburn Hospital community.